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In connection to your body, heart & soul 

Dear Woman, are you ready to rise and shine? To trust fully in your voice and dance firmly towards your dreams? If you get stuck somewhere on the way, I am here for you to remind you of your unique beauty and guide you to your strength.

Moondance Switzerland Circle Leader,
Singing Circles, Women Circles, Retreats, 1:1 Guidance

What comes up for you when you read the words WOMEN EMPOWERMENT? 

For me it has been a long journey to somehow integrate and fully embody the woman that I am today. 12 years of abusive household moulded me into a disoriented, numb being full of anger. I partied hard. My ventil. I daydreamed a lot. My escape. I travelled to find the purpose of life. And dressed mostly in pants. Woman? What does it mean to be feminine?

At the age of 30 I found the Eco-Community Pachamama and my awakening and healing process began. Through my big sister Chandani I found my way to the Moondance. As the former drum leader of my mother circle "Metytliyoliliztli" in Costa Rica, she inspired many women to take responsibility, step up and dance their prayers. Here I learned to connect and listen to my womb. Menstruation is sacred. I started wearing long skirts and loved the feeling of flowing textiles on my legs. I grew into the woman I am today and I am still amazed how much more there is to learn and understand. The wisdom of the earth is limitless.

I have received knowledge from indigenous elders and learned important earth-based principles from which I now live my life and lead the ritual of the Moondance in Switzerland. The vast teachings of my beloved elder Grandmother Ana Carmona Itzpapalotl including the Mexican (Meshi'kan) wisdom, the Nahuatl language, Moon Cycles, Aztec calendar, Astrology, Numerology, Loving Leadership, Communication with Spirit, Sweatlodge, Compassion and listening to Inner Guidance have connected me deeply to the magic, mystics and Cycles of Nature. 

For years I am dancing within the corporate and the spiritual world. I know exactly how it feels to be lost, to be looking for a direction, to constantly inquire about the true meaning of life and what really makes my heart happy and soul dance. When I deeply felt the call and duty to bring the Moondance to Switzerland, my life suddenly had a clear arrow and everything aligned to the manifestation of it.


What about you? What is your vision, dream, goal, arrow in life?

Does something resonate?

My inner fire burns for you to RECOGNIZE and SHARE your beauty and gifts generously.

Do you know what your gift is? Have you found out what you enjoy? Do you have the courage to show up in your authentic self?

What holds you back? 


I am passionate about tickling you ALIVE and celebrating your light.


EMPOWERINGto me, is a gentle, well, sometimes quite fierce way of letting you know that you ARE PERFECT AS YOU ARE. I see your beauty; I see your strength and support you dear sister to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. To trust yourself. To love yourself.


I am here to press your buttons, to gently kick your bump and support you on your path to fully arrive HOME within yourself.

I wish to let you know, that you are a UNIQUE and BEAUTIFUL flower on this vast garden of planet earth.

Do you feel that? And do you know, that you have ALL the creation power sitting in your gorgeous belly? Creating projects, creating laughter, creating friendships and yes, creating our next generation. 


Let's Meet & Sing

Singing Circle Zurich
@The Sacred / Vegelateria
Müllerstrasse 64

Telegram Group Link:

Singing Circle Lausanne
@Yoga Studio
Rue Pichard 6

Telegram Group Link:

My Toolbox Includes:

Leadership experience within the corporate and spiritual world  

A deep connection to the forces of nature

Life experience with getting getting my own Self together

A knowledge variety in different fields of psychology

Over 13 years of plant medicine experience

Drumbeat and Voice Training

Moon Altar, Home Altar & Earth Altar Creation

Wisdom of various Firemaking 

Wisdom of Smudging & Cleaning the house

Great listener - that is at least what my clients and friends say

Analytical mind & intuitive heart

Structured & disciplined way of working

And so much more … you are welcome to find out.

Your Toolbox Can Be Filled With:

The Power of Manifestion - because you learned how to navigate your thoughts and actions

Self-Love - because you know how to truly nourish yourself

Self-Empowerment - because you know that you are the creatress of your life

Cycle Wisdom - because you have connected to your womb

Courage - because you took care to step up

Inner Peace - because you truly take care of yourself

Daily Rituals for your Life - because you have deeply connected to the elements

Inspiration - because you changed your perspective

A Clear Direction - because you discovered the click 

Joy - because you let your soul dance

Satisfaction - because you know you have it all under control

Ease - because you understand how to truly feel the beat of your heart

And so much more ... 

My guidance is for you, if...

  • You permanently doubt yourself and wish to feel empowered.

  • You feel lost and seek clarity and focus.

  • You hate to get up in the morning because your work is just boring.

  • You feel disconnected to yourself and your surroundings. 

  • You have a thousand ideas and don't know where to start - so at the end you are stuck and don't do anything. 

  • You feel inspired to change something but you lack the clarity.

  • You are procrastinating constantly and need someone to keep you on track.

  • You wish to learn rituals to utilize in daily life. 

Guidance Program Options

Walk & Talk or Zoom

This offer is for you if you wish to receive some impulses to your current challenges or questions


15 minutes Initial Consultation

1 x 1,5 hour Session


CHF 130 


5 Sessions for the price of 4
CHF 520



1 Session as a GIFT for you or others

1 Month Intensive

This offer is for you if you have a project deadline to fulfill, you feel lost and need a kick start or you wish to learn more about the earth-based ways & rituals


30 minutes Initial Consultation

4 x 1,5 hour in Nature

4 x 1/2 hour Online Integration

Monday - Friday Messaging Availability


CHF 790

4 Month Development

This offer is for you if you are ready to dedicate some time and money into your personal or business development 


1 hour Initial Consultation

4 x 1,5 hour in Nature

8 x 1/2 hour Online Meetings  

Monday - Friday  Messaging Availability


CHF 1600 | CHF 400 PER MONTH

Reflection of

In December 2020 I completed my 3-year training as a psychological counselor. In order to successfully complete this, I had to take an exam and write a diploma thesis. Nearing completion, I lost purpose and focus, why am I doing this? What do I want to do afterwards? And how do I write this diploma thesis? The fear grabbed me and I wanted to throw, just before the end.


A friend advised me against it and drew my attention to Melinda. Melinda accompanied me from the beginning of the thesis to the end of the exam and brought me into a valuable process and helped me to a decisive sense of achievement.


She (Melinda) is a source of inspiration and infinite possibilities for me, a mirror of myself and blind spots, an enabler to find the answers and solutions within myself without implanting advice or ideas from 'outside'. A master at structuring and empowering myself out of paralysis and fear. A master at planning, creating schedules, pointing out possibilities, setting deadlines and goals. Solid as a rock, although I met most of the deadlines and defined milestones, I never had the feeling of being a disappointment or of not having achieved something when I did not achieve a defined goal.  -E. Mastalier

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