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In connection with the Earth

Sweatlodge is a ceremony of purification, a ritual to connect with oneself, each other and nature. I offer this ceremony monthly as a cleansing for the community and in individual private offerings to support team building and rites of passage such as pre wedding cleanses & birthdays. Currently I am holding rituals in Essertfallon (Jura), Winterthur and NEW: Seminarhouse Castle Glarisegg


Temazcal Lineage

For 13 years I've been in a deep study with the Mexican Sweatlodge tradition known as Temazcal. I have been passed the teachings of holding Temazcal ceremonies and received the blessing to open the ceremony of the Moondance in Switzerland, by Grandmother Ana Carmona Itzpapalotl of Metzliyoliliztli Moondance Circle in Costa Rica. This ritual includes a four-day fasting offering, eight purification Sweatlodges, four full nights of circle dancing, and working with the sacred obsidian pipe. Purification, spiritual connection, teachings, inner work, sisterhood and joy take place in the Moondance ritual. 

Temazcal, in Nahuatl language, goes back to pre-Hispanic times in central Mexico and means “house of bath”. It refers originally to a structure made of mud brick, used for therapy and healing. As the tradition of the Moondance derives from Mexico and takes place in nature, the circle and Sweatlodges are built up and down after the ritual. In this way the traditional Temazcal made out of clay has been adapted to the Inipi, a structure made out of branches, connected to the indigenous cultures of North America.

My elders have taught me, that when entering the Temazcal one is crawling into the belly of Mother Earth, (Nahuatl: Tonantzin). This is a space to purify on a body, mind and spiritual level and be in introspection and reflection of our individual and collective walk on this earth.


Idea of Schedule 

Attending a Community Sweatlodge?

Sweatlodge dress / sarong / cloth / towel
Tobacco / herbs as a gift for stones & fire
Your voice and songs, drum, rattle

Altar pieces to charge during the ritual
Water bottle (please no glass)

Variable from CHF 70 - 130

(children >16 are invited and free of charge)

11.00 Meeting 
11.00 - 12.00 Tune In & Prepare Space Together
12.30 - 16.30 Sweatlodge Ceremony
16.30 - 18.00 Integration & Food by the Fire

connect it with your breath,

trust that Mother Earth will carry you



Private Offering

As a supportive cleansing & reconnection ritual, I offer private sweatlodge ceremonies for groups.

This process is a unique way to honor the rites of passage, such as marriage ceremonies, birthdays, honoring a loved one's death and more.

It is a great and very connecting experience for team buildings, which I lead professionally and with a lot of mindfulness according to the clientele.

Day Event 4 - 9 hours 

from 10 people *


* includes a full consultation before the event to prepare and connect about the specific ritual intentions, wood & tobacco for sweatlodge, smudging, integration & vegan catering for post-sweatlodge celebration.



It was an incredible experience and I haven't gone that deep in a long time. My husband could really cry on Sunday morning and we went through a lot of lawsuits. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your leadership and how you accompanied us. I will come back for sure. - C. Matter

I would like to thank you again for the incredibly intensive and powerful ceremony. It's hard to put into words what's happening right now, it seems I don't have the vocabulary for it. It feels like the surface has been stripped of crusted dirt, like an exfoliation, revealing something bright, luminous, pure underneath. But this dirt was also a protective layer without which I was very vulnerable and open and unprotected until now. But you designed the room in such a way that I still feel very well
cared for and protected. Newborn, exposed to the harsh reality, but safe in the arms of father and mother (I have 4 children and was present at all births). Although I had done a similar ceremony before, I was overwhelmed by the intensity. - S. Graber

Melinda's sweatlodge ceremonies are gifts from the universe to me. I am deeply grateful for this work, which helps me to feel the contact to Mother Earth again and to maintain and deepen the contact with myself and other people. I appreciate Melinda's nature very much, I always felt that I as in good hands and carefully accompanied. I experience Melinda as authentic, powerful, sensitive, intuitive and very connected to Mother Earth. I really like that these sweat lodge ceremonies are not dogmatic and allow a lot of space for healing and growth. I am very touched that I was allowed to take my 14-year-old daughter with me last time. This strengthened and healed our mother-daughter bond. - O. Marié

I would like to thank you very much for the beautiful ceremony. Ludo was very touched by the whole process and he kept talking about it. I felt a lot of energy when you were in the sweat lodge. I am currently experiencing a Kundalini awakening and having my children participate in ceremonies that connect them to Mother Earth is a blessing to me. - C. Millucci

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