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Growing up in East Germany with a wall around our country, I was always curious what else is "out there".  My childhood was pierced with abuse on all levels. I sought refuge in competitive sports and took the first chance to get out of that hell, when I received a scholarship for a High School Year in West Virginia, USA. I was 16, 5 years after the wall came down. Suddenly my life changed. I saw the big world and experienced the true meaning of family - people really caring for me and each other for the first time.


From this point, my curiosity and love for humanity and the different cultures has been awakeed. My next big journey took me 6 months to Cape Town, South Africa to finish my study paper. There I experienced the classifications of race and color, I saw the ghettos and poor. I felt devastated, confused and sad.

We live on such a beautiful planet and we are so cruel to each other.

What am I doing here? What is my purpose? 

When I worked for IBM, their slogan hit me: WE WANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Exactly, this is what I am longing for. To make a difference in this world. But how?

Who am I?

It has not been until my journey to Dharamsala, India when I took my Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training that my journey inwards through meditation, woke a sense of connection inside me. To myself. I experienced a deep love and appreciation for my body, the forces of nature  and what it means to be alive.

In 2011 I found the conscious eco-community Pachamama - a powerful gateway to profound transformative growth. With CHF 15'000 in my pocket I was on my way to travel for 6 months, but after entering the Osho meditation hall for the first time, I was at HOME.


During these 6 months living in the lush forest, I experienced the most transformative time of my life. Trauma healing, shamanic rituals and my big love, the Moondance is just a few of the seeds and teachings I received there.

At the Moondance I met my great inspiration and teacher Grandmother Ana Carmona Itzpapalotl. Her big heart, sharp leadership and vast knowledge has inspired me instantly. So since 2011 the Moondance has become the compass of my life. In the mirror of my sisters I found myself.


Through the challenges of the nights, I strengthened my willpower. Through the guidance of the spirits and the generous love of the elements, I learned step by step, prayer by prayer what it means to be a woman in this world and how I can shine my light. I had to forgive others. I had to forgive myself. I learned about self love, self care, self respect and most importantly, self - responsibility. I am NOT the victim of my past. I am here. Now. And I am the Creatress of my life. For sure this journey has not been easy and is still ongoing.


I am grateful to have collected a full bag of tools for myself and others, so that today I am leading the Moondance Circle in Switzerland, with the guiding wisdom of Grandmother Ana and the loving support of the community.


All is co-creation. Someone just always has to start. I began dreaming this vision in 2017 and 2023 the first full Moondance took place. Continuity, focus, a sharp arrow, trust in life and my dear sisters were the pillars to get there.

Finally, in the truest sense of the word, I see myself as a bridge builder between the spiritual and the corporate world, because it is long overdue to understand both as ONE world.


Further in my creation flow, I am also passionate in producing conscious events, festivals and concert with the intention of offerings spaces to re-connect with oneself, each other and nature.


I live and enjoy my life guided by my intuition, empathy, discipline, focus, commitment and consistency.

Small talks aren't for me. I am passionate about sustainably empowering you to recognize your innermost light, to let it shine courageously and to share it with the world. 

Thank you for reading my story.

May your heart sing and your soul dance.

If you get stuck, you know where to find me.

With Gratitude, Love & Care


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