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For any kind of celebrations

Are you looking for a unique ritual, a gift to your friends & family or simply for a connecting way to celebrate your birthday or another rites of passage? A fire ritual might be the right choice for your special event.


People have always gathered around the fire. It warms, it connects and carries a magical, mystical and transforming power. 

Like it was yesterday, I remember my first fireceremony in 2011. We opened the Moondance by connecting to the 7 directions, the fire was lit by 7 representatives and our beloved grandmother and teacher, Itzpapalotl has been carried over the fire.

I am passionate about building bridges and offering the fire ritual to people here in Europe who have not been in touch with any of the anciant shamanic rituals , because I know this experience, as well as the Sweatlodge and many other shamanic practices, support the connection to oneself, each other and nature.  


As the ritual leader I will guide you.

After the fireplace has been cleaned and prepared, we create a common mandala, a picture with seeds and flowers as an offering to the place, to the earth and an invitation to the fire spirit. 


In a clay pot, the herbs and tobacco brought along by all participants, are collected and mixed, in order to later hand them over to the fire with heartfelt wishes for the person that the ritual is held for.


Each ceremony opens with the connection to the 4 cardinal directions, the sky, the earth and the heart. On the one hand, we align ourselves and on the other hand, we become aware of the forces on the outside and thus also on the inside. 
Afterwards we build a wooden tower together and light the fire with drum roll and singing. From now on, what wants to happen happens. 

Accompanied by the forces of the elements - sometimes a strong wind, sometimes a gentle rain, sometimes gently dancing and sometimes strongly spraying flames, the ceremony takes its very own course. 


Every being contributes to the ritual. Whether through a prayer / wish of thanksgiving, or thoughts, through songs or music.

Together as a circle, we create a space of connection to everything - unforgetable and deeply touching moments.

Rize Up Gathering 3-55.jpg


  • to connect to yourself

  • to celebrate life

  • to reflect upon yor current situation

  • to give thanks for your family

  • to let go of stress, believe systems, expectations, ...

  • to transform anger, pain

  • to meditate 

  • to pray for your dreams

DURATION: 2-4 hours (depending on the group size)

COST: CHF 520* incl. tools & a thorough conversation about the purpose of the event

* wood (CHF 180 /1 ster) & milage expenses (0.70 cent/km) will be additionally calculated

What are the benefits?


  • stress release

  • clarification

  • introspection


  • enhances the connection to oneself, the elements, the spirits and earth

  • opportunity to experience ancient healing ways 

  • offers a space for envisioning, dreaming & praying

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