Melinda's sweatlodge ceremonies are cosmic gifts to me. I am deeply grateful for this work, which helps me to feel the connection to Mother Earth again and to cultivate and deepen this connection with myself and other people. I appreciate Melinda's nature very much and have always felt very well taken care of and attentively accompanied. I experience Melinda as authentic, powerful, sensitive, intuitive and very connected to Mother Earth. I really like the fact that these sweatlodge ceremonies are not dogmatic and provide a lot of space for healing and growth. I am very touched that I was allowed to take my 14 year old daughter with me last time. This strengthened and healed our mother-daughter connection. Thank you dear Melinda for your wonderful work.

C. Busch

I would like to thank you again wholeheartedly for the incredibly intense and powerful ceremony. It is hard to put into words what is happening right now, it seems as if I lack the vocabulary for it. It feels like when the surface has been freed from encrusted dirt, like a peeling, something bright, luminous, pure has appeared underneath. But this dirt was also a protective layer, without which I was very vulnerable and open and unprotected until now. But you have designed the room in such a way that I still feel very well guarded and protected. Like newborn, exposed to the harsh reality, but safe in the arms of father and mother (I have 4 children, and was present at all births). Although I had done a similar ceremony before, I was overwhelmed by the intensity.



It was an incredible experience and I haven't gone this deep in a long time. My husband could really cry on Sunday morning and we processed a lot. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your guidance and how you accompanied us.
I will certainly come again.


I would like to thank you very much for the beautiful ceremony. Ludo was very touched by all the process and he kept talking about it. I felt lots of energy while you were inside the Sweatlodge. I am going through the Kundalini awakening at the moment and having my children exposed to ceremonies that can connect them to Mother Earth is a blessing for me.


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